Princess Little Lynx2021-10-13T21:37:35-04:00

Princess Little Lynx

Bio: More like a Lion in character, heart and hair… Little Lynx loves to play, eat and sleep. Wake her up early at a camp out and you better beat feet. Independent by nature but is awesome to be around. Probably the most thoughtful person I know and has a heart made of solid gold. She is the most accident prone so I have to watch like a drone. A true artist and creative to a T she can even make me look “On Fleak” just what we need.  If passion was a tooth hers would be a canine. Little Lynx is a super cool kid with just enough swag, must be from Miami, yeah that 3-0-5 style. She is small but fierce and has the survival instincts of a cat. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out with smile that will always melt Papi’s heart.

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